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Conversion from MBOX or MBX files into PST files is always a baffling tasks for users and system administrators. various available do-it-urslelf type tutorial in windows and Linux domain makes this process a rather complex task because MBOX or MBX file is although standardize in name but every mail client who use or create MBOX file, manipulate MBOX or MBX files in their our customize ways.
This tool is reliable, fast and flexible enough to handle various MBOX variants that makes it indispensable as feature rich MBOX Converter. It is step ahead from various regular conversion options as it can not only convert normal MBOX files into PST format but also supports corrupted MBOX files for the purpose of conversion. This MBOX to PST conversion software has been designed with intuitive and interactive functionality providing options to convert mailboxes of Entourage, Apple Mail, Eudora, Spice bird, Thunderbird and many more email clients into usable PST files. 
This software is one of its kind that converts used MBOX/MBX email clients to Outlook PST file properly and maintain consistency. The tool offers PST management features which allows to append the new converted Outlook data file to an existing profile so converted PST file appear in MS-outlook automatically right after conversion. The added advantages of this MBOX Converter software is conversion of your MBOX or MBX files into different email file formats such as MSG (Outlook mail message), RTF (Rich Text Format), HTML (Hypertext Markup Language File) and EML (Email Message) along with PST(Personal Storage Table), default Outlook database file.

Noteworthy key features

  • Highest conversion speed among other available options.
  • Batch conversion of multiple MBOX/MBX files at a time.
  • Save e-mails from MBOX file to a new email formats includes EML, PST, MSG, RTF and HTML formats.
  • Complete Preview of Emails inside software.
  • Dual benefit to recover data from healthy as well as corrupted MBOX/MBX files and convert them into EML, PST, MSG, RTF and HTML format.
  • Thunderbird, Mozilla Mail, Entourage, Evolution, Sylpheed, Mulberry, SeaMonkey, Eudora, Netscape etc.
  • Proper folder structure will maintained after batch MBOX or MBX conversion.
  • Full Fledge Log System to track and archive conversion process for future reference.

The user is recommended to download executable file when MS Outlook is installed on the system.

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There are lots of impressive features in this tool which fulfill your needs. How? Read below:

Instant MBOX to PST Conversion

Instant MBOX to PST Conversion: Perform swift and easy conversion of MBOX files to PST format keeping the integrity of the file safe and intact s it does not cause any file changes to original MBOX files in the conversion process into other formats.

Supports Corrupted MBOX File

Supports Corrupted MBOX File: The software supports several features including flawless conversion of normal and corrupted MBOX files simultaneously. Users can restore their emails from corrupted MBOX file and save them into a new file.

Multiple Formats Conversion

Multiple Formats Conversion: Other than conversion of MBOX into PST file software facilitate conversion into EML, RTF, HTML and MSG file format as it also keeps the original MBOX/MBX files intact.

Preview Display of MBOX Data

Preview Display of MBOX Data: Displaying preview feature enables viewing in the preview pane as the file Preview option of this tool allows users to check the preview of the selected email message before converting the file into any other format.

Save New PST Files

Save New PST Files: The software is highly efficient to create new PST file into which the MBOX file data are saved. With two options you can either save all the data from the selected MBOX files into a single PST file or you can save them separately in multiple PST files. Features option to add the new PST file to their Outlook profile.

Export and Log Feature

Export and Log Feature: Advanced export feature in this software enables users to save all the recovered data listed on the screen, into a new HTML file format at preferred user-defined location. The Log feature generates a log at user-defined location that saves the scanning information of MBOX files. 

Convert Large MBOX Files

Convert Large MBOX Files: This utility impose no size limitation barrier for effective conversion as the software comes with no size limitation feature enriched with algorithm that supports conversion of multiple MBOX files of any size ranging up to 8 GB.

Perform Batch Conversion

Perform Batch Conversion: Batch conversion feature is useful as the software is revived with updated features that effectively support batch conversion of multiple MBOX files into the specified format in one single shot. 

Simplified Interface

Simplified Interface: The easy-to-understand interface is interactive that requires no prior technical expertise. This software is devised to befit the ease of all users targeting both novice and professional at the same time.

Supports MBOX Files of diverse Software

Supports MBOX Files of diverse Software: It supports MBOX files of Thunderbird, Spicebird, , AppleMail, Netscape, ClawsMail, Pocomail, OperaMail, , Evolution, MozillaMail, Entourage, Sylpheed, Eudora, Mulberry, SeaMonkey, Incredimail etc.


Get to know about the step by step MBOX to PST conversion procedure via screenshots to discover the advanced features and functions of MBOX Converter Tool.

Online Demo

To provide minute to major details about the quick functioning of the tool, we have provided an online demo video. The users will get to know more about the basic steps involved into effective conversion from MBOX files into PST format. It is proved and verified by researchers that online audience grasp more in video tutorial as compared to written text based study materials. We feel that customers’ time is precious enough to be saved, so we provided beneficial alternatives in the form of online video demo. This alternative is far better than to go through traditional manual specifications provided with product. This video cater to all form of audience novice and professionals without any limitation of any specific technical knowledge as it is highly interactive, offering step by step GUI to easily operate the tool. Online demo enables the user to replay important steps that they need to remember, which is worth essential for effective MBOX to PST conversion via MBOX to PST converter. Demo video format is audience friendly to focus in on specific MBOX to PST conversion segments, as well as play the information in its entirety. Online user can benefit from the video as it is focused on, "hands-on" approach to comprehend and retain the information.

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client testimonial

"SysInfoTools online tech support is very supportive as they resolved all the queries related to the software. I was pretty new to the system utilities software, had few questions related to the tool MBOX to PST converter functionality and features. The customer professional briefed me on all the features and system requirements of the product. I was able to know about the sitemap links available on the site that quickly redirected me on the URL of the product. More importantly the tech support reminded me about the demo version for free download provided for evaluation purposes. Thanks to customer staff."

- Sean M. Jones

"Thank you for bringing such efficient conversion solution available online. The new tool is perfect that meet my requirement and I can effectively use MBOX to PST Converter to convert MBOX files (normal as well as corrupted) into Outlook PST format. Often using at completely new software makes you dumb about the manual steps to use the software but thanks I can find screen shots and online videos that really helped me in easily using the software. One of my friends needed the same software as he was stuck with the same issue. I recommended him about your product."

- Suzanne D. Kelly

"We love the MBOX to PST converter product. It works effectively on our system and we are looking forward to its next update. The product is robust and works flawless. We have came across other tools that claimed effective outputs but was not satisfactory and up to the mark. Now we think your product is trustworthy and fully reliable. The Tech support is praiseworthy as we were working on our system in late night and required a bit of technical assistance for the software, once we doubted if we could get any possible assistance but the online tech support is super good to resolve our queries."

- Tomi D. Dodson

"This software, MBOX to PST converter came to the heed when I was looking for a reliable effective conversion solution to access MBOX files in MS Outlook. I could easily covert my MBOX mailbox data and easily access them in MS Outlook and the plus point with the software was that it was able to import complete MBOX into PST data file format. A really fabulous effort from you guys to have developed and launched such good product. It really works good as I felt the software was quick on effective conversion."

- Johnny H. Dancy

"I was struck with a situation when I was working on official project and I had to access MBOX data in MS Outlook .So I researched on net and was not getting any good option so I tried SysInfoTools MBOX to PST converter . The best thing about the converter was its intuitive interface I really liked its software interface as I was able to convert easily MBOX file into PST and complete my project on time. In most of the part the software was interactive and user friendly. Thanks for creating such great thing."

- Cameron Brown
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