How to fix error while moving messages in Apple Mail

Fix Error While Moving messages

Apple Mail is very much known email client; also known as Mac Mail. you might be familiar with its advanced features because of which it is one of the most widely used email clients among all Mac users. Having an advanced feature it doesn’t mean there are any cons or you cannot face any error while working on it. If you are having a large mailbox may face some strange problems with messages, searching irregularities, content errors, etc.  Likewise, there are more errors which occur while working on your emails. One of them is “error while moving messages in Apple Mail” which is considered as the common issue for users who are working with Apple Mail and is often found to be existing Mac Mail. This error generally occurs while moving messages to the mailbox by displaying an error message as a “null” error.

Also, according to experts, it is discovered that users are experiencing this issue when they are unable to assign a folder to“ Drafts, Sent mails, Junk mails, or to Trash mailbox. This type of error which mostly occurs while deleting messages but, it too happens while messages are moved without the folders is being assigned properly. Below are few steps discussed to fix Moving Messages Error In Apple MailLet’s see now.

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5 Best Tricks to Resolve Error While Moving Messages

Solve Apple Mail Error

fix error while moving messages MBOX Converter

Properly Synchronize Apple Mail emails or file Regularly

If you are using IMAP account then the synchronization is automatically done. But if it is a POP3, it is impossible. Mail Synchronization is a formal way for the server and the mail client on your MAC to check all messages that make sure everything is in sync between the two.

Try check issues in Apple Mail Program in safe mode

On your system close all the applications before launching Apple Mail program. Now form the taskbar, click Mail tab >>Quit Mail. Now hold the Shift key and again launch Apple Mail program. Open the Mac Mail in safe mode if end starting up. Now check how it responds in the safe mode. If there is no issue then you can reboot it normally and finally, test it your own user’s account.

Fix the IMAP Account with Advanced IMAP Setting

  • Launch Apple Mail > Go to the Mail tab >
  • Click on Account tab and choose an appropriate email account. > Click Server Settings > Advanced IMAP Settings
  • On IMAP Path Prefix box > enter INBOX > Click OK.
  • Now click Mailbox Behaviors, > select the INBOX OR Trash.

You can now move your messages easily as this account is free of Mac Mail error while Moving Message.

 Rebuilt Your Mailbox

  • In Apple Mail program
  • Form the taskbar, click MailboxRebuild.

It might take some time to complete the process; time taken depends on the no. of email messages in your Inbox or Sent Items.

Assign folders to your Draft, junk, and etc

Follow these simple steps:

  • To assign folder open Apple Mail on your system > select the folder that you want to assign.
  • Scroll Down and click on the drop-arrow to check the Drafts, Sent, Junk, and Trash
  • Start with assigning the folder for drafts. Click Drafts folder once to highlight it.
  • Click Mailbox on the taskbarUse This Mailbox As > Drafts Mailbox.


The Manual ways are explained in detail above in this blog to resolve Apple Mail/Mac mail moving messages issue are not recommended always. Also, considering and acknowledging the limitations of these manual ways, using some good third-party tool is always suggested; MBOX to PST Converter.

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