How to Recover Deleted Emails from Apple Mail?

recover deleted emails from apple mail

The common issues and query faced by the Apple Mail users are that how to recover deleted emails from Apple Mail. They search for some original and easy method when it comes to recovering their data. However, it’s not easy to find the method that is the accurate one. If you are facing the same issue, then you must be alert while searching for the method or recovering the deleted messages. Do not worry, here you will find the easy and the appropriate method to recover deleted emails from Apple Mail.

Since Apple Mail is also available for Windows user other than MAC, an easy way to keep in touch with others. But sometimes, those emails with important messages might be get deleted or lost by mistake. When such disaster happens, don’t worry! The deleted email messages can be recovered even they are permanently deleted when you find this reliable MBOX Recovery Solution. Luckily, there are 3 possible methods to recover and restore Apple Mail Emails. Now Keep your eye on this blog and try any one of the methods to retrieve deleted email files from Apple Mail in different data loss situations.

Where Apple Mail Locate its Files

Apple’s Mail locally stores its data in ~/Library/Mail prefix with user home folder. It maintains all the email in a proper folder structure which begins with a folder for your account and a special folder ending in MBOX inside for each email folder you have in your account.
NOTE: If you are trying to restore email from an IMAP account then it is recommended to just set up your account again and download your email messages again from the email server. An IMAP account downloads your folders if they were stored on the server.

Now, let’s move forward to ways to how to recover deleted emails from Apple Mail.

How to Recover Deleted Emails Form Apple Mail?

Method 1. Recover deleted Apple Email messages from Trash

Many Mail applications are fitted with a Trash folder where you can keep all the deleted emails. And Because of “trash”, you have a chance to recover deleted Mac Mail messages.

restore apple mail messages from trash

To proceed with the steps of recovery, you need to have Apple Mail in your system. Now
1. Open Apple Mail Application.
2. Click on the Trash folder which is located in the left panel of the Apple Mail Client Platform.
3. Now, choose the folder or email that you wish to restore and drag that email to the “Inbox” tab.
Like this, you will restore the deleted emails from Apple Mail.

Method 2. Recover deleted Mac Mail messages from Time Machine Backup

Method 1 might not be helpful for permanently deleted emails from Mac Mailbox. But if you have used Time Machine Backup to store your files safely.

recover Mac Mail from TMB

With this, you can easily find and recover permanently deleted email from Apple Mail

1. In your Applications section, double-click Time Machine to run the Time Machine Backup.
2. From the timeline choose the Backup according to the date.
3. Examine your mailboxes to make sure that your deleted messages are present,
4. Now, click on “Restore” to retrieve deleted Mac Mail messages from Time Machine Backup.

Now, what happens if both the above Method fails to recover your Apple Mail Emails. Use the method 3 to restore and repair Apple Mail MBOX files.

Method 3. Recover Apple Mail files with MBOX Recovery Tool

You need not worry if you find the above methods un-useful. Because sometimes it is difficult to restore permanently deleted email from Apple Mail; users must go for a third party solution in such situation. The Apple Mail stores all its data in MBOX format, therefore, users can use the Apple Mail Recovery Solution, an effective tool by which the recovery of all the deleted messages possible without any other loss. Moreover, the MBOX Recovery Application has a very simple interface and even a novice can run this. It is compatible with all versions of Windows Operating System.

Final Words

All the method discussed above do work that also depends on you to work and try out these methods in recovering your Apple Mail emails created on MAC or Windows OS. If you are in the need to change your MBOX files into another platform then I suggest the conversion of Apple Mail into Microsoft Outlook. Outlook is the most popular Email Application for Windows users. Read the 10 reason to use Outlook.

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