[Tips & Tricks]How to Restore Deleted Emails From Thunderbird

restore deleted emails from Thunderbird

In this particular section, you will get to know how to undelete your Thunderbirds’ deleted emails. If you are missing some of your folders from Thunderbird then continue reading this blog which discusses how to restore deleted emails from Thunderbird.

Sometimes we are trapped in a situation where we find out that some of our important files or emails of Thunderbird are missing or got accidentally deleted. In Mozilla Thunderbird, when you delete any file or folder it is not formally deleted. The files are marked as deleted but it can be undeleted easily with the help of “Troubleshooting Information”. This can only be performed only when you haven’t compact Thunderbird Emails. Compacting emails in Thunderbird means to unmark the deleted files and permanently delete the files. Other than deletion of files Thunderbird file corruption can also cause missing file/folders or email deletion.

What can be the reasons for Thunderbird file corruption?

There can be various unheard reasons behind Thunderbird mission files or causes that lead to corruption in emails of Mozilla Thunderbird. Let’s see for yourself what can be the reasons discussed below:

  1. Thunderbird files can get corrupted due to various malicious attacks and hence, makes them unreadable when you try to open it.
  2. As already discussed the most common reasons are accidental deletion due to unwanted add-on in Thunderbird that may affect your files and delete your important files.
  3. Deleted files or folder is still visible in the Thunderbird and occupies space that oversize the overall MBOX folder size and can be the reason for Thunderbird file corruption.
  4. Another reason can be the duplicate emails creation in Mozilla Thunderbird that may lead to increase file size, kind of a waste of size.

Some Tricks to Restore deleted Emails from Thunderbird

IMAP Emails services by Thunderbird grant you the characteristic to easily recover your files. As this service give you an Online backup platform through which Thunderbird email recovery is possible. What if you are not using IMAP service either you are the POP user. In POP email service it becomes difficult for the users to restore deleted emails from Thunderbird. Here is the guide that provides you the tips and tricks retrieve deleted or missing files and folders from Mozilla Thunderbird.

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Recover permanently deleted emails Thunderbird

If you happen to permanently empty your trash folder by your accidental action then follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Go to the HELP option on your Mozilla Thunderbird and select “Troubleshooting Information” option from the drop-down Menu.
  2. 2. Now from the troubleshooting page go to the “Show Folder button” that basically will open the particular profile folder on your local system.
  3. From the opened subfolder mail select your profile from which you want to recover emails.
  4. Right on the Inbox folder & select the option to Edit with notepad++.

5: Now here you can read every email messages as a text form deleted or not deleted messages. Go through the text and file an email message starting with “From” and replace the X-Mozilla-Status: 0009 to 0000.

Recovering Emails from Thunderbird Trash

To know how to recover deleted emails from Thunderbird by repairing Trash folder. You can take help of following steps to do the same :

  1. Log in to your account on Thunderbird.
  2. Open Trash and select or search for the email that you want to restore.
  3. Right-click on the email and click on “Move To”. Click on to the location to restore deleted Thunderbird email. Or you can directly restore file in the inbox folder.

Repairing Inbox Folder to restore Deleted Email from Thunderbird

Here is the repairing feature provide by Thunderbird if you have got corrupted emails or folder.

  1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird
  2. Right-click on the folder where damaged emails are located.
  3. From the drop-down menu of “Properties Option” Select General Information.
  4. Now, Click on the Repair folder -> OK
  5. You are able to view the repaired data in the “Inbox folder”.

Challenges and Solution the Manual Process

The manual methods can restore deleted emails from Thunderbird up to only 2 GB of data which set up to a certain limit to some extent and after that, the corrupted data cannot be recovered. To overcome such challenges users can go for an automated solution that makes it easy for them to recover a huge amount of Data at once. The solution involves the use of the third-party product, which are purposely designed to cover the Email Recovery process with ease. The Thunderbird Email Recovery software scans the deleted or corrupted emails and exports the emails into different file formats such as PST, EML, MSG, and RTF. The tool can easily run on every Windows 10 and below versions.


Recovery missing Thunderbird local folder can be a hectic task(the manual process) to perform as it comes with certain demerits. To overcome such challenges, here you are recommended with Thunderbird MBOX email recovery applications are developed to ease your recovery process. In the blog, we have discussed some tips how to restore deleted emails from Thunderbird with the help of 3 manual processes. And also tried to provide you the professional process that can help you overcome the crisis faced by the manual steps.

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