Eudora Mail to Outlook converter to Import Eudora Mail .mbx(.mbox) as .pst

To import Eudora mail to Outlook, a conversion is compulsory if you need to access Eudora Mails into Outlook i.e. MBX file to PST file format. This way Eudora emails can be opened and read on MS Outlook for Windows. For those looking for a solution to move Eudora .mbx file on another computer that is Windows, look no further. Eudora believed to be an outdated technology and alternative of Microsoft created by Qualcomm. It used to be a desktop-based email client for classic Mac OS, Mac OS X, and Windows operating system. Eudora stores email files in a .mbx format which is another named format for MBOX and save the file on the user's computer locally. Many are still maintain their emails in Eudora despite the fact that it is no longer preferred and others like more better platform to work on which Microsoft Outlook and move their emails from Eudora to Outlook. The advanced security, filtration and cloud services offered by Outlook attract many. The storage file for Outlook is saved with Personal Storage Folder as .pst extension. Here you will find the clearly describes the steps and ways to transfer MBX or MBOX emails into Microsoft Outlook in a most effective way. The best suited technique or solution for converting Eudora .mbx(.mbox) as .pst is Eudora Mail to Outlook Converter and learn the after steps.

Walk on the Procedure to Import and Convert Eudora to Outlook

Step 1.

The first and for most; Download the Eudora Mail to Outlook Converter Software and Install it. As you can see the software screenshot below and click on Add file to start the conversion to migrate Eudora MBOX files into PST format

Note: Remember to have your Outlook client Installed in the system if you want to import the mbox files.

Convert Eudora Mail MBOX

Once you have got your PST file/files. Next step is to import it into Microsoft Outlook.

Step 2.

Now, Run Outlook email client which is the compulsory steps to import .pst file. Click on File Menu.

export MBOX into Outlook
Step 3.

From the Dropdown, select the Import & Export Option which will open a new Windows.

import & export MBOX in outlook
Step 4.

Now from the appeared window Select the option; Import from another Program file and click next button.

Step 5.

Select "Personal Folder file(.pst)"; Next.

Step 6.

Browse the location where you saved your files (MBOX file converted in to Outlook); Next.

Step 7.

The Eudora MBX; MBOX file is now accessible in Outlook as PST format. You can see your files structure on the left panel of Microsoft Outlook navigation panel.

Eudora Mail To Outlook Converter

Eudora Mail to Outlook Converter , idealized software focus on automated procedure to convert Endora to outlook and import Endora .mbx(alternative name of MBOX format) into MS Outlook. Proposed solely for the users who are in a need exportation of email data of MBX or MBOX into PST Outlook. Endora Mail to PST Outlook Converter Software is spontaneous with self-explanatory interface that turns the conversion process in just a few mouse clicks. One of the important attribute provided of this software is that it requires no extra tools or midway steps to complete its conversion, everything is programmed within the Eudora mail to outlook converter.

Features shared by Eudora Mail to Outlook PST Converter
  • Quick scanning of emails along with attachments.
  • Migrates only selected emails files from an MBOX to Outlook PST.
  • Carry out multiple MBOX conversion to PST files at once.
  • Transfer MBOX files to PST, MSG, EML, HTML and RTF.
  • Compactable with MBOX files created on Mac and convert it to Outlook PST.
  • Eudora Mail converter supports related files .mbox/.mbx files.
Reason to Export Emails data from Eudora Mail to Outlook

If there is a need to access the emails file from Eudora to Outlook than the exportation process become compulsory to convert the .mbox files into PST Format. The Eudora mail program that stores all its emails mailbox as a MBX format and whereas Microsoft Outlook saves the data as in PST format. The reason being that .mbx extension a proprietary format of Eudora client cannot run on MS Outlook for Windows. And as a result, the success of any conversion is possible by Eudora Mail to Outlook Converter tool to accurately extract data from the source, convert the objects, and save them in the destination format.